Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning dining on campus. If you don't find the answer to your question, please send us an email to wall-kim@aramark.ca and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Meal Plans

When do Food Services open?

Dates coincide with the official Residence opening and closure. They are subject to change based on the University calendar. 

What time is breakfast, lunch, and supper on weekdays?

The George Martin Dining Hall will be open from 7:45am – 8:00pm (Monday through Thursday) and 7:45am to 6:30pm on Fridays. Forest Hill Dining Hall will close between 2:00pm and 4:30pm. Meal offerings and entry prices will be based on meal times as noted on the locations page for each respective location.

Can you accommodate Special Dietary Needs?

In most cases, yes. Contact our on-site Chef Michael Greer 506-460-0310 to discuss your specific dietary needs. The following is a sampling of the special dietary considerations that we have been asked to make: 


  • VEGETARIANS/VEGANS:  The Menu Cycle offers a vegetarian entrée at both lunch and dinner, and as often as possible, we try to make these vegan selections. Additionally, one daily soup is always vegetarian, and soy milk is available at all meals. While we offer daily vegan options, we are not able to meet the needs of strict vegan diets that require specialty foods. 
  • ALLERGIES OR FOOD INTOLERANCES:  Lactose-free/Soy milk is offered at all meals, as well as items not containing gluten ingredients. If you have allergies or intolerances, please let us know who you are and contact our chef@stu.ca.
  • PRESCRIBED DIETS:  If you must follow a medically prescribed diet, please meet with the chef to review your requirements.

What if I am too sick to go to the Dining Hall?

We must be notified of any student who is sick and a boxed meal, based on what they are able to eat, will be made available and can be picked up at the dining room checker.


Food Services Office: (506) 460-0310 • Email: dining@stu.ca

Casual meal rates for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be in effect at 7:45am, 11:15am and 4:25pm respectively 

Please note: Plan changes may occur by Oct 15th. Refunds exist for those students leaving STU. STU Meal Plan flex dollars cannot be carried over to the next Academic Year. Meal Plans can also be purchased as a Voluntary Meal Plan (VMP) for any Off-Campus students and St. Thomas community members and bring you the same great value. VMPs are non-refundable


Where can I find more info on nutrition?

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.

Why do I have to create an account in order to check out?

For you, and us, to be able to best track orders, and to be able to contact you in case of a question regarding your order we ask that you create a CampusDish account.

How do I create an account?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "create a new account" link.

How do I find more about Nutritional Information?

Use our Comparison Box and Nutritional Calculator to get the most out of your eating decisions. Select products from the Menu section and use one of the options below to get accurate comparisons and information about your choices. 

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.